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Audio Voice Over Services

Effectiveness of a professional audio voice over In this modern age, turning on the radio or television or logging to the internet or watching a movie, chances are great that you will come across an audio voice over form. For an audio voice over to be effective, it needs to catch the audience’s attention and effectively draw in the group to the medium which they are listening. A quality audio voice over puts all the thoughts and goals into the audio content of your business. The voices on your IVR prompts, training materials, and web videos are all part of your brand and should make a solid, first impression to your audience. A professional audio voice over artist can invoke emotions that will set the mood of your viewers. The objectives are to draw in their attention, stimulate their interest, describe the features of your brand, and sales conversion.

A quality audio book voice over inspires buying interest

When you are selling your audiobook, your clients must see something different that will make it stand out from the rest. Aside from the story, a solid performance by the audio book voice over artist will catch the eye of patrons. This will emerge amongst the ocean of selections and help you establish and maintain a strong client base. When they are in the market for an audio book they will be avidly looking for your material as a repeat customer or a fan.


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audio book voice over

Right voice over for audio books stir attention simply put, as an author, your primary goal is to promote your audio book. Done right, this will generate sales and boost your stock as a great author. An important ingredient to your success will be the choice of your talents for your voice over for audio books. The power and the finesse of your voice actors will come into play to attract more viewers, get more likes, good client reviews, and more sharing that will generate sales.

audio book voice over rates

Various approaches to audio book voice over rates there is no fixed rule for audio book voice over rates, companies have different approaches. Some companies convert the number of words into hours of produced audio and considers hours of work for voice over and audio producer. Others use the same approach but have add on such as revision fees, re-recording, video syncing, background music etc.

audio voice over services

One stop solution for your audio voice over services need Voice Vanan online services is an ISO certified company that have worked with diverse genres providing world class audio voice over services such as audio book voice over, IVR prompts, training, orientation, Radio and TV commercial, web videos…and more. Our artists are native speakers who can deliver a project in any dialect of your choice. Our studio is equipped with the latest recording equipment that lets us complete a project quickly, with 98% accuracy, and offer it at an amiable rate of $128. Get a free quote and an audio voice over sample by filling out our online form. Learn more about the services that we offer by connecting with our 24/7 live customer support by phone or online chat.

Inspiring audio book voice over talent

To make sure that the book pops it is important that you choose the correct audio book voice over talent for your project. This is critical if you don’t put an effort in finding the right voice talent you are going to fall flat. We can help you with this, we have the talents that can provide voices with emotions to your audio book. Their job is to bring life to the script. When the character is angry their voice shout, when sad they cry, when happy they exude glee, and when they are happy they project gladness.

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